Is it good to wear waist support for long term?

2021-10-04 16:27

Is it good to wear waist support for long term?
Waist pain is no longer a "patent" of middle-aged and elderly people. White-collar workers, students, drivers...more and more sedentary people are suffering from waist pain. Everyone wants to find some artifacts for waist care and search on the Internet find the waist support is not bad, Good quality and low price, so you may buy one, but do you really know it?

What are the functions of waist support?
Protection: Wearing a waist brace can reduce the compressive load of the lumbar spine, improve the strength of the muscles of the lower back, reduce muscle fatigue, and relieve the symptoms of low back pain. Fixed: It can stabilize the torso, limit the waist movement, reduce the probability of waist injury, and prevent waist disease to a certain extent. Keep warm: Keeping the waist warm is also important, Humid and cold environment can cause waist disease.

Seeing that the waist support is so good, do you want to have one pair? Waist support also has "indications", it is recommended that you buy it only when it is suitable..


1. People who often feel uncomfortable at the waist. In the non-onset period, when doing some actions may get waist injury , such as bending over and lifting heavy objects, it is recommended to wear a waist support temporarily, which can reduce your injury and play a certain protective role. During the onset, before diagnosis and treatment, a waist support can be worn as a temporary measure and Seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
Tips: Putting the waistband around the pelvis instead of the waist will be more helpful to these people.

2. Those with clear disease: People with mild symptoms can wear them appropriately when they need to move, and they should be taken off when sitting or sleeping; patients with severe symptoms and postoperative patients can wear a waist protection under the guidance of a doctor.
Tips: Wearing a waist support is not foolproof, you should still pay attention to excessive weight.

It may not be suitable for sedentary people, If you have no disease, no symptoms, and just feel that waist support is "waist protection", then you are wrong. Experiments show that:
People who have not had a back injury before, wearing a waist support  will not get extra protection. When a person who is accustomed to using a waist support suddenly stops using it, the waist muscles cannot adapt to the activities without the waist brace, will easily get injured.

Brief summary: No disease, no pain, preventive wearing of waist protection is of little significance. For those who do have symptoms and diseases, you can prepare one, but it is not recommended to wear it all the time.

How to choose a waist support?
After wearing the waist support, the waist has a sense of support and restraint, but this feeling is comfortable.
2. Hardness
a. Who with lumbar spine surgery, lumbar instability, lumbar spondylolisthesis,  to choose lumbar support should pay attention to the hardness in order to improve the lumbar pressure.
b. For those with lumbar muscle strain, degeneration of the lumbar spine, or mild lumbar pain, you can choose a lumbar support with average hardness.
Everyone is willing to use a waist support because it can relieve waist pain, but instead of relying on a brace, it is recommended that you practice more core muscles and exercise your own natural support belt.